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Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit
Aliento Fétido Test
Bio-Kick Throat Shield Daily
Bio-Kick M18 Dental And Gums Shield
Bio-Kick Fresh Breath One Month Kit
Bio-Kick Breath and Body Cleaner
Blis K12
Blis M18
Clean White Now
Bio-Kick Fresh Breath One Month Kit
Question: I finished the "Bio-Kick Fresh Breath One Month Kit" as advised in the package instructions. Will Blis K12 bacteria stay populated in mouth and throat?
Answer: It depends on circumstances like living habits, oral hygiene and oral hygiene cleaning products ingredients, if the Blis K12 bacteria remains intact. Basically, everything that eliminates bacteria, eliminates also Blis K12. When suffering on heavy chronic halitosis, "Bio-Kick Fresh Breath One Month Kit" must be used consecutively without interruption. In milder cases, after finishing "Bio-Kick Fresh Breath One Month Kit" cure, it is sufficient to dissolve slowly a Blis K12 every evening after oral hygiene to keep the Blis K12 population in the mouth stable. Blis K12 lozenges are available in our online store "Bio-Kick Throat Shield Daily"

Question: Does "Bio-Kick Fresh Breath One Month Kit" help protecting against colds, sore throats, ear infections, tonsillitis and periodontists because it contains the bacteria Blis K12?
Answer: "Bio-Kick Fresh Breath One Month Kit" was developed specifically for bad breath but it also helps against the above mentioned diseases. If you do not suffer from bad breath, you may use the separately in our online store available Blis K12 lozenges "Bio-Kick Throad Shield Daily".

Question: Can "Bio-Kick Fresh Breath One Month Kit" be used every month without interruption?
Answer: Yes, "Bio-Kick Fresh Breath One Month Kit" was purposely engineered to be used on a monthly base. The cure takes exactly 30 days and can be repeated without a break.

Question: Does "Bio-Kick Fresh Breath One Month Kit" help against tonsil stones?
Answer: Tonsil stones have a strong sulfur smell from the gas producing bacteria and are build up in the tonsil crypts and recesses. They are made of dead cells, saliva food debris and white blood cells. Bacteria decompose that proteins and produce the stringent sulfur smell. Blis K12 bakteria fights this protein decomposing bacteria. In addition, the existing tonsil stones should be expressed on a regular basis and the tonsils cleaned with a dental water jet or toothbrush and toothpaste. If there is no removal of tonsil stones, a certain level of sulfur smell will persist. This cleaning is unpleasant and difficult to execute because of the gag reflex. Over time, the gag reflex decreases but it will not go away. Consult a experienced dentist or doctor for instruction how to clean your tonsils.
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