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Question: Do you sell the original Blis K12 or by a licensee?
Answer: We sell only original Blis K12, manufactured directly by the company Blis, we received several fresh deliveries each year with full potency. Most licensees Blis K12 manufacture, sell mostly vitamin and mineral tablets and they have no experience with sensitive Blis K12 bacteria. It is a completely different production processes necessary and only selected tabletting aids must be used. It is very difficult to produce lozenges containing bacteria without damaging them. The production processes for it must be redesigned and are expensive. Since the Blis K12 licensee companies produce large quantities lozenges at once, the lozenges storage a long time before arriving to the customers and lose their effectivnes when the bacteria are not already inactive because of wrong production process. That's why we buy only the original, and not by a licensee that would be much cheaper but not effectiv.

Question: Is the effect of Blis K12 confirmed by studies?
Answer: In the meantime there are many studies that demonstrate the effect in detail. Current studies are available on English: PubMed.Gov, the official site of the "US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health".

Question: Is Blis K12 the same as "Bio-Kick Throat Shield Daily"?
Answer: Yes it is the same, we sell it under a different name, and bottles with 60 lozenges. It has the advantage that the lozenges can be removed easily and last longer.

Question: I had to take antibiotics. Does Blis K12 still protects me and ensure a natural bacterial balance in my mouth and throat area?
Answer: Unfortunately, antibiotics eliminates Blis K12 bacteria too. We recommend you to take Blis K12 bacteria every day to settle it back in to your mouth an throat .

Question: Why Blis K12 lozenges only suitable for children from 6 years of age?
Answer: Basically, Blis K12 lozenges can be taken under adult supervision by children from 3 years of age who can handle a lozenge without choke. Although the lozenges are small, there is always a choking hazard. Alternatively, you can administer "Bio-kick Probiotic Powder for Toodlers".

Question: Does Blis K12 lozenges contain dairy products?
Answer: No, it contains no dairy products.

Question: Why do Blis K12 lozenges sometimes crumble? Is that a manufacturing defect?
Answer: No, this is normal. The lozenge composition is chosen so that the Blis K12 bacteria remain save. Blis K12 is a living bacterium that needs dryl conditions to survive in a lozenge.

Question: Is Blis K12 genetically modified?
Answer: No, Blis K12 is completely natural and is part of the healthy oral flora.

Question: What can I do that Blis K12 can work even better?
Answer: Brush your teeth 3 times daily. In the evening, use dental floss and tongue scraper. Let your teeth clean and check your teeth at least once a year at your dentist. If you have a lot of tartar, twice a year. Tartar is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. A clean mouth gives you safety and health.

Question: : I have currently no ailments and pains and would like to take Blis K12 as prevention. What should I do?
Answer: Brush your teeth 3 times a day thoroughly. In the evening, floss your teeth and use tongue scraper. Old toothbrushes and tongue scrapers are a huge source of bad bacteria, replace it at the latest after 3-4 months of use with a new one. Slowly dissolve a lozenge in your mouth just before going to sleep . If possible, wait at least 1 hour after oral cleaning. Toothpaste and mouthwashes have an antiseptic action and would also reduce the effect of Blis K12.

Question: Why does my tongue hurts after cleaning it with the tongue scraper?
Answer: It is completely sufficient to clean the tongue with light pressure. It is important, to clean the tongue root (the tongue back site). Position the tongue cleaner as fare as possible to the back of your tongue and pull out against your mouth opening. The tongue root is the place with the most debris and bad bacteria that you need to remove.

Question: In some yogurt contain probiotic bacteria. Why do I need Blis K12?
Answer: The probiotic bacteria contained in yogurt, displace other bacteria through organic growth. Blis K12, however, displaced not only harmful bacteria through organic growth but also by producing its own proteins that destroy harmful bacteria. No other probiotic has this mechanism. In yoghurts the number probiotic bacteria is very low and not enough to ensure a successful settlement. On the other hand one Blis k12 lozenges contains over 100 million viable bacteria. You would have to eat dozens yogurts at the same time to concurrently achieve the same effect. Regarding costs, one Blis K12 lozenges is compared to dozens yogurts, much economical and easer to take.

Question: My nasal cavities are often inflamed. How can Blis K12 help me?
Answer: When taken orally, the nasal cavities are also populated with time. With a nasal douche, Blis K12 can be intensively settled. Grind about 3 Blis K12 lozenges and mix it with warm water (not more than 30 degrees Celsius) and rinse the nose immediately. Apply once a daily.
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